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The Leon M Poe Scholarship Foundation was founded by Edana Jones. She is a graduate of Alabama A&M University, where she obtained a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering.


During her college internships and professional career, she often was the only African American and often the only female. The experiences of this group have inspired the creation of this organization. The team wants to help support fellow STEM students to help bring more diversity in these areas. 

Who is Leon M Poe

Who is Leon M. Poe, and what does he have to do with STEM degrees? Well, Leon was Edana Jones' father. During Edana's senior year of high school Leon allowed Edana the freedom and responsibility to follow her dreams. He allowed her the opportunity to explore. Explore a variety of majors, schools and locations for her next phase of life. 

Edana unfortunately was not a young adult who had a plan for college which included school selections and finances. She knew she wanted a college degree. Edana had been exposed to STEM classes during high school. She enjoyed the coursework and excelled in the assignments. However, schools in her home state were very expensive. Edana wanted to balance her desire with finding an affordable option. 

Leon M. Poe pushed her to find a school to complement her. He promised that they would figure this part of life out together. After she applied and accepted Alabama A&M University, they walked through the steps of relocation, student loans, and expected family contributions together. 

During her freshman year of college, father, Leon M. Poe passed away. This organization was founded in his honor. It is the goal of this organization that the resources provided help show the same values to others that was shown to Edana during such an important development time. 

Leon M. Poe Jr. 
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